Strategy & Services


IMG_3140Thompson Family Farm follows a crop plan including a healthy mix of corn and soybean rotation. We consider ourselves to be highly progressive when it comes to adapting new technology to further our operation.

  • Seed Strategy – We utilize the latest in seed technology and have the ability to implement variable rate, prescription seeding
  • Tillage Strategy – We make farm-specific tillage decisions based on farm needs, soil type, and crop rotation
  • Weed & Pest Management Strategy – We incorporate several site of action herbicides in order to protect the crop from pests while maintaining adequate biodiversity and accounting for the threat of resistance
  • Nutrient Strategy – We practice the 4Rs of nutrient management – right rate, right source, right time, and right place – in order to grow a robust and responsible crop


The Thompson Family Farm offers comprehensive quarterly reports on farm and crop progress to interested land-owners. We are also happy to provide complimentary aerial imagery of leased fields and provide land-owners and their families with the opportunity to visit the farm at any time, particularly during harvest months for a ride in the combine or grain cart.

We have the ability to offer custom harvesting and custom chemical application services upon request. We also can complete some tile, drainage, and ditch projects for landowners, as well as regular mowing and land improvement as requested.

Pending regulatory approval, TFF also plans to offer for-hire photography, video, and field scouting services with the use of the operation’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).