What we do

Value-driven farming

People first

One of our favorite parts of farming is the people we get to work with every day. Thompson Family Farm is truly a family operation. We’re fortunate to get to work at a job we love alongside the people we love. Because we’re working with loved ones everyday, we place a special emphasis on safety and respect.

We also enjoy the opportunity to work with farmland landowners to understand and achieve their goals. We’ve partnered with many landowners for a generation or more. It is a privilege to steward the land these individuals or their ancestors have worked hard to procure. We know landowners trust us with one of their most valuable and treasured assets and we take that responsibility very seriously. We work with landowners to determine the appropriate farmland lease arrangement to meet their needs. We’re comfortable working with a traditional cash rent, flex cash rent, crop share, or custom farming lease arrangement.

Progressive technology

We have seen firsthand the progress technology has made in our farming operation. GPS allows us to be more efficient with farm equipment hours and fuel usage. With precision ag equipment and variable rate technology we can use fewer agronomy inputs like seed, fertilizer, and chemicals, all while protecting and even increasing yields.

We’re also early adopters of new products like micronutrients and biologicals, usually trying a new product in a small trial for a season before determining if there is opportunity to implement on a broader scale.

Sustainable Agriculture

Whether you’re a farmer, a landowner, or a consumer, you’re dependent on the soil. Without healthy soil, farms are less productive, and profitable. It’s a shame to see a treasured asset that has been passed down for generations wash or waste away because of poor management practices. That’s why we place such an emphasis on soil health and sustainable ag practices. We partner with landowners to evaluate their farms and recommend conservation practices like strip-till and no-till, cover crops, subsurface soil drainage, erosion control measures, and prescription fertility. These regenerative ag practices ensure that a farm is left to the next generation better than we found it.

Farming for the future of your family and ours.

Thompson Family Farm